The Beauty of

Hand Beveled Glass

This next picture, and set of windows, has a story that needs to be told.

When I started beveling glass, around the late 80's, I noticed a house in Fenton that had two nice sidelites.  It also had the most hideous piece of commercial "privacy" glass in the door.  I have always wondered about it. 
a few years ago a friend told me that the elderly gent that lived there had passed away, the family was having an estate sale, and the same friend told me she had heard the doorlite was in pieces in a box in the basement.  I went to the estate sale, got in the basement, and there is was, a mess. but it was there.  The daughter did not want to sell it, but gave my card  to the new owner.

The door had the leaded glass removed sometime before 1950, as he had pictures of the place from then, and the leaded, beveled glass was gone from the door.

It took a while to do the job, after the new owner said let's do it.
  5/16" glass through out, and with an obvious yellow tint.  Took a while to find all the glass I needed to do this. that was relatively scratch free.  But the results are stunning. There will be more, and better pictures of this set.  I really like the way it came out.
I am not going to talk about how many pieces I re-made, far more than I expected to.

below are other examples ,


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