Enjoy the beauty of your own

Tiffany Reproduction Lamp

Not everyone can afford to own an original Tiffany Lamp, nor would alot of people want to,
but these are a quite a bit more affordable than the multi-thousnad dollar originals.

These lamps are built with the finest hand rolled art glass produced today, and with some that is no longer produced!
We have a standing glass library of fine art glass specifically made for use in leaded lamps, and we enjoy the input of the client
in the glass and color choices.  We have books of reference such as photos of shades we have done restoration on, auction catalogs and reference books written by very knowledgeable "Tiffany" people, collectors and dealers.

Your shade only has to please you, it doesn't need to look like on that was originally made at Tiffany Studios, but isn't it fun to keep your guests in suspense!

Enjoy the pictures, and click on one that you like to see a larger  picture of it.