This page is dedicated to tools and equipment that might be
for sale at any given time.
If it is on this page, it is in stock and ready to be shipped, no waiting.
If an item is out of stock, that will be noted on this page.

The tools  that we have listed here are items we have found useful
in our studio and hopefully you will find useful in yours.

Painting Bridges

Painting bridges

We have found these to be most handy, rugged, and ready to use on all
painting work done on the horizontal surface of a light table.
 There is a taller version, for painting, and shorter version for clean up, both are great support
 and are usually sold as a set for $20 plus shipping.

They are made up of Clear Polycarbonate, and carry a one year warranty,
 if something should happen to one of them simply mail it back to me and it will be replaced.
  Hopefully you will care for them as any other tool and carelessness will not be an issue.  Things do happen, we realize this, and will be happy to replace your Painting Bridge.

Power Cementing buffing brush
zipbrush2nd pic

email for details, selling the hub only, brush can now be purchased at Walmart!
I really should have a contest to name this thing, it is unlike all other brushes I have seen.

It does NOT mount in a drill, you attach it with the threaded adapter to a variable speed sanding or polishing machine.  
 The adapter/brush screws on, and after you have applied your cement/grout/putty to your leaded panel,  removed the excess to partially clean, and rubbed it perhaps with burlap and whiting to get most of the unwanted debri off, this tool goes to work.  I will be uploading a video of this beauty working, it will make your lead as vivid and glossy as you want, from the most brilliant black to a medium grey, stop where you like the color!!  It also benefits in the cleaning process. 

I cannot begin to tell you how much better your shoulders will feel after using this,<>
compared to NOT using this!!

These brushes sell at Walmart, I only sell the adapter, it is less expensive that way.

I do want to make it clear that the machine seen in the pictures is NOT being sold here.
Will post a YOUTUBE video as soon as I make a suitable clip.