Collaborative Projects

Collaboration is a process of participation through which people, groups and organizations work together to achieve desired results

We have been fortunate to have had the experience of working with other studios to create some nice work, whether it was with them on their project, or them working with us on our project,  the experience has always been rewarding.

We have no problem going on a road trip to spend a week, or more, working with another studio to accomplish a rewarding end to a fine project, these pictures are only some of the results, and with the studios mentioned.

A World OF Glass
owner, Rocky Martina
this is only one of many projects with Rocky
Michigan Opera Theater, skylights and ceiling
Collaborations/MOTceiling.jpg Computer generated patterns, 17 x 35 foot ceiling, barrel vault, 54 panels
Collaborations/Motapanels.jpgCast lead overlays, backlit interior skylights

Aurora Glass Studio

Whitemore United Methodist Church, Whitemore MI


Art Glass Repair
owner, Don Anderson
Dallas, GA
our work together is ongoing, but at this point...

Atlanta Raceway, domed ceiling in a suite, restoration

Atlanta Boys Choir, restorationCollaborations/25.jpgCollaborations/98.jpg
Saenger Theater, restoration , see link to photos on main page

Dawns' Art

Dawn Sinkovich,
here I am at a loss for words, her painting abilities are beyond the ordinary.
When I need something done, especially in figure painting, I call Dawn.
I am proud to have assisted other studios when they needed, Dawn is who I call when I need.
below is but a small sampling of what she has done for me.